7 Best Open Source Library Management SoftwareRead more" />7 Best Open Source Library Management SoftwareRead more" />

7 Best Open Source Library Management Software

Sometimes managing a digital library gives you peace of mind as you do not need to make many efforts to maintain it. Usually, easy to organize, and can be backed up as well.

When it comes to managing the library, the library management software can make a world of difference. It can break or make your digital library management experience.

And, with open-source library management software, an organization/library can save investment costs, have better privacy, and have more flexibility without any vendor lock-ins.

So, I came up with the compilation of open-source library management software to provide you with some good options to help manage your digital library. You can use some tools for personal use-case, but many of them are geared toward public libraries.

1. Koha

Koha is a well-known name when it comes to library management software, and it is considered the best of what you can get for your library. You may ask why. It handles everything like a charm, from backups and maintenance to system upgrades!

Being a truly enterprise-grade system, you’d get modules to manage circulation, cataloging, serials management, authorities, flexible reporting, label printing, and a lot more.

So, you can utilize Koha for small size to multi-branch libraries.

2. Evergreen

Evergreen is a library integrated system that was initially developed for Public Information Network for Electronic Services (PINES) but it also powers more than 1800 libraries outside PINES.

Being scalable to its core, you can easily manage an entire catalog of multiple branches. It also offers good search functionality along with some interesting features.

3. BiblioteQ

BiblioteQ is a professional archiving, cataloging, and library management software that utilizes Qt for an eye-pleasant user interface. Furthermore, it uses PostgreSQL and SQLite for the databases.

While speaking of connectivity, it uses Open Library, SRU, and Z39.50 protocols to have a seamless experience while retrieving books and other archive options.


international survey of library automation, OPALS (Open-source Automated Library System) has scored highest in every single category among school libraries and small academic library programs.

OPALS is used in more than 2000 libraries daily as it provides a full-fledged automated library management experience.

It is a paid tool that provides you technical support for installation, management, hosting, and other purposes. If you are looking for something for your academy/institution this can be a good fit.

OPALS also provides a 3-month free demo site for your library, so you can have a better idea of what to expect from the asked price.

5. InvenioILS

Invenio’s ILS (Integrated Library System) uses the Invenio framework, which is made up of widely used open-source products including Python and React frameworks.

So if you have the technical expertise, there will be no boundaries on customization and enhancements that you can do with the default base.

6. SLiMS

SLiMS (Senayan Library Management System) is nothing but an Apache web server bundled with MySQL and PHP, and the outcome is an extremely powerful community-driven library management toolkit.

From serial publication control to system modules providing extreme flexibility, SLiMS has a lot to offer.


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