Autoflash multiple Raspberry Pi Picos in no time at all

Here is a clever bit of code by James Mitchell (aka monkeymademe on GitHub) that will autoflash a Raspberry Pi Pico when you plug it in.

This means you can plug in, for example, ten Picos one after another, and have them flashed without the need to drag a file into the Pico drive. Perfect to streamline the preparation for workshops, computing lessons, and Raspberry Jams.

How long would it take to flash this many Picos?

There are two versions of the script:

Five steps to freedom

It is literally this easy:

Step 1 – Run the script in a Terminal
Step 2 – Plug in your Pico (pressing and holding the BOOTSEL button if it’s an already-flashed Pico)
Step 3 – Wait for the confirmation that it has been flashed
Step 4 – Unplug the Pico
Step 5 – Repeat from Step 2 with a new Pico

Pile of Pico cut up from the reel on a yellow cutting mat
James has yet to invent something that will cut up a reel of Picos — you’ll still have to do that by hand if you buy in bulk!

“It does not matter if you need to flash ten or 100 Picos. This is a great script to cut out all the annoying clicking and dragging. But what makes the Mac version really special is that it will automatically remove those pesky ‘Failed to Eject Drive’ notifications for you!”
— James Mitchell, the genius behind the code

Raspberry Jam Berlin returns!

James Mitchell, who wrote the this super handy Pico autoflash code, also helms the much loved Berlin Raspberry Jams. A long break, sparked by COVID lockdowns, meant Berliners have missed out on regular maker gatherings, but all that changed at the end of June with the return of Raspberry Jam Berlin.

Watch this in a darkened room for an immersive “it’s as if I’m really there” experience

Held at Motion Lab, Raspberry Jam Berlin is an opportunity for local makers to showcase their creations. Attendees can bring along anything they like, from robotics and home automation to gaming and media centres.

“It was a great feeling to be back doing the Jam events again! I especially enjoyed the conversation being had between all of us. Seeing people help each other out or sounding off ideas. This was a great start to having Jams again and I am now full of new ideas for workshops and little displays for the next one in September!”
— the very same James, man of many talents

Pics or it didn’t happen

We asked for some photos from the very first newly revived Berlin Jam especially so we could share them with you…

A group of people sitting on steps made out of wood.
A most excellent venue
Intergenerational robot wars are the best kind
Put robot dog on table. Stare at robot dog

Find Raspberry Pi events near you

Check the listings on our events page to see if there is already a Raspberry Jam happening in your area. If there isn’t, why not consider setting something up yourself? It doesn’t matter whether it happens once a year or every single week, or whether it’s for five or 500 people. Scroll to the bottom of this page, let us know about it, and we’ll promote it for you. We have hundreds of thousands of friends on social media to share it with!

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