Mozilla Firefox 111 on kubuntu 22.10

Mozilla Firefox 111 is available to download.

Shocked? Course you’re not! The latest release arrives bang on schedule, one month to the day of the Firefox 110 release (which was notable for featuring WebGL improvements on Linux).

Alas, the change-log this time around is a little (perceptually) leaner.

Mozilla say Windows users will find that native notifications are enabled by default (which is great for them, I guess), and that users of Firefox Relay can ‘opt-in to create Relay email masks directly from the Firefox credential manager’ (which is great for them too, I guess).

Elsewhere, web apps used in Firefox can, should developers care to, take advantage of a new, sandboxed file-system storage API for storing data securely. The browser also introduces supports  color()lab()lch()oklab(), and oklch() CSS options, just not (yet) by default.

Linux-specific tweaks include better naming of PulseAudio streams from media elements; ensuring KDE users choosing CSD decoration get correctly-sized minimise/maximise buttons in the titlebar when using fractional scaling; and there are balms for errant Wayland woes that (sometimes) caused flickering in context menus.

Firefox is free, open source software available for Windows, macOS, and something called Linux (no, not sure either). You can download the latest release for these OSes from the Mozilla website. If you use Ubuntu you will receive the Firefox 111 update alongside other software updates/in the background via Snap.

Don’t want want to use the Firefox Snap? We got a guide on working around it


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