Get 10% Off Steam Deck Until March 23

Dying to get your hands on Valve’s Linux-powered Steam Deck? Well, there’s a limited-time discount you’ll want to be aware of.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Steam Deck’s launch, Valve has knocked 10 percent off the price of the Steam Deck until March 23rd, the same day the company’s bargain-packed Spring Sale also ends.

With this discount applied the cost of a Steam Deck is thus:

  • 64 GB Steam Deck – $359.10 (usually $399)
  • 256 GB Steam Deck – $476.10 (usually $529)
  • 512 GB Steam Deck – $584.10 (usually $649)

Not bad, right?

For pricing outside of the US visit the Steam sale page to see prices in your country’s currency. Gamers in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, or Hong Kong can get the Steam Deck deal prices by shopping through Komodo.

Here’s the video announcing the sale:

Valve’s celebratory clip

A quick recap of the Steam Deck specs: all units feature an AMD APU with quad-core AMD Zen 2 CPU running at a variable frequency of up to 3.5 GHz and RDNA 2 graphics, plus 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM. The handheld sports a 7-inch (1280×800) bonded IPS LCD screen.

The 64 GB base Steam Deck uses eMMC storage while the 256 GB and 512 GB models use faster NVMe SSD storage. Additionally, the top model features an anti-glare etched glass screen for improved durability.

Steam Deck Startup Movies

Valve has also announced a new feature for exiting Steam Deck owners: the ability to pick custom startup movies.

“It’s been a while since folks figured out how to get custom startup movies onto Steam Deck, and we’ve now made it a built in feature [and] we’ve created 20 startup movies of our own,” Valve say.

So if you already own a Steam Deck and want to personalize your startup head to the Steam Points Shop to find Valve’s pre-made clips, or set your open in Settings > Customization.

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