A new version of GSConnect, the GNOME Shell extension that integrates with KDE Connect, is now available — and it supports GNOME 45.

GSConnect bridges the gap between GNOME Shell and an Android1 device with the KDE Connect Android app installed to streamline file transfers between Android and Linux (and vice versa), mirror notifications, send and receive SMS, provide volume and media controls, and more.

There aren’t any new features or capabilities in GSConnect v56 but there are a stack of worthwhile improvements and finesse to the extension’s pre-existing (and pretty extensive) feature set:

  • GNOME 45 support
  • Updated translations
  • Startup permissions checks
  • More descriptive label for some settings
  • CLI support for Wayland environments
  • MPRIS remote artist and title fixes
  • Reduced excessive dot file creation
  • Deprecated plugins removed from GSettings

You can see the official release notes for GSConnect v56 for more information.

GSConnect is free open-source software. The latest version requires GNOME 45 (but older versions support previous editions).

You can install GSConnect on Ubuntu 23.10 from the GNOME extensions website (link below) through a compatible web browser. Alternatively, for an easier life, installing it using the Extensions Manager app available in the Ubuntu deb repos.

• Get GSConnect on GNOME Extensions

  1. A KDE Connect iOS app exists but its not as featured ↩︎


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