How to register your nickname, confirm & identify.

We are going to show you how easy it is to register your nickname on CyIRC Network. First, think to know, we do not have a registration yet available as a front end on the chat, but this is still in the process for a later date to be added.

For now, we are going to show you what server method we use, as this is a server-only method with commands.

Head to our links or from our website or our fallback developer edition, then see the screenshot below.


Type in the nickname you usually use or like, then press start (doesn’t matter in what channel you are in). Do not do anything else note though the “I have a password” for later in this tutorial. Do not use it now.


After you have connected and joined automatically into a channel, note now that you can chat with other users.

This is where everyone can chat as public and each chat channel has a topic.


To change your nick click the name of your in nick next to the chatbox, then press the edit icon. Enter your new nickname.


Alternatively, you can use a simpler way with an IRC command to change your nickname.

Just type in your edit box as an example /nick johndoe enter if you want another or the nick of your choice just type again /nick yournewnick.

The point is to show how easy it is to use nick changing.

To register your new nickname you must always use this nickname when you come on our IRC network because by this nickname people will know you.

Now that you got a bit acquainted with how to change your nick, registration is only once per nick. Type in your edit box /register password email. When registering your nickname replace password with your own password and email with your own email.

In this example /register mypass your password should be more than 6 characters long.

You can use upper case and lower case letters, numbers, and characters to make it more secure.

Do not use a password like adding your phone number, this will be a bad choice and easy to get hijacked by a hacker. always use a mixture of characters.

Do not forget them write them down somewhere, where no one can find it (not on your phone).

This is why if we send you any info or messages that you might get from us or other users on the network, always use your real email for registration.

After typing in your registration you will receive a message on IRC notice:


Now you must go to your email and confirm your nick. You will only have 24 hours if you do not confirm your nick, it will remove you and then you will need to re-register again.

Now go to your email, hurry! Remember to check your junk/spam in case if it landed there!

In your email inbox, you must have received an email to confirm your registration. It will give you a passcode.

Type in your edit box on the IRC chat /msg NickServ confirm passcode (replace passcode with the code you received) enter to send.

You are now officially registered on the network, well done!


See also “What to do after registration – vHost Offer list“.

In case you didn’t receive your passcode type /msg NickServ resend. This will resend your passcode for confirmation to your email. Note: Passcodes are a one time use for confirmation.

You need to remember your login to your nickname always, write them down somewhere to remember.

There are 3 ways to login:

  1. Type /msg nickserv identify yourpassword or a shortcut like /ns identify yourpassword or /ns id yourpassword
  2. Using SASL by typing /AUTH nickname:password (replace nick with your nick and password with your password as always)
  3. By using the front end of the chat as we described it at the beginning. See the screenshot below, tick the box and type in your password. This is the easiest method, before pressing start.

Updated: We have added (November 4th, 2019) the ability for any newly registered user to activate upon after confirmation of their newly registered nickname.

This will turn-on vhost by default where you get “Your vhost of is now activated“.

This will automatically replace the nickname with your own nickname you registered. Just type /hs on or /msg hostserv on to activate your default vhost.

For example, the nickname Doggy registered and then after confirmed.

Then by typing /hs on or /msg hostserv on this command automatically got “Your vhost of is now activated“.

This concludes the how-to tutorial. Any questions leave on the comments below!

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