Komikku is a Feature-Packed Manga Reader for Linux

Manga-loving members of the Linux community wanting to read their favorite manga at their desktop should check out Komikku.

Komikku is a GTK4/libadwaita manga reader built in Python and GTK4/libadwaita. It supports both online and offline reading of content from a gargantuan list of servers available in all kinds of languages.

Plus, those with a mountain of media stored locally can use Komikku to open manga in CBZ and CBR formats. This dual capability makes the app a real versatile all-rounder.

Reading is, naturally, the main point of this app, so devs provide a simple, uncluttered and adaptive interface. A stack of presentation and scaling options are provided, like cropping out white borders, picking a background color, hiding pagination, fit to height or width, etc).

As manga is read left to right Komikuu defaults to that, but you can change navigation quickly from the dotted menu in the top toolbar.

komikku is a manga reader app for linux desktop
Read manga and comics with zero distractions

As mentioned, a ton of manga servers and web comic sources are available out-of-the-box. This means, with an internet connection, you can always find something to read in Komikku – hit the “+” icon in the toolbar, pick a sever, and tap the “popular” tab to see what’s available.

Additionally, the app offers a lot of controls over what servers/content is searched/appears in the browse sections. You can restrict servers to a specific language; you can enable/disable NSFW content; you can disable servers individually… and more.

komikku is a manga reader app for linux desktop
See info about content before you read it

Komikku features at-a-glance:

  • Online and offline reading
  • Huge server list available
  • Info-rich content overviews
  • Save pages as JPEG
  • Download content in-app for offline reading
  • Open local content in CBZ or CBR
  • Multiple reading modes
  • Various navigation modes
  • Categories to organize your library
  • Automatic update/downloads of new content
  • Reading history
  • Dark mode support

…And a whole lot more.

Reading manga on your computer might not as quaint as holding a physical copy in your hand, but digital media has pluses — it’s cheaper, more convenient, you are able to multitask, and, by picking a well-featured app like Komikku, customize the experience to suit you.

• Get Komikku on Flathub.

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