If you’ve had issues getting Linux Mint 21.2 to run well on your laptop or PC, a new Edge ISO is available to download.

The Linux Mint 21.2 Edge ISO differs from the regular ISO is 2 ways: 1) it ships with a newer Linux kernel (Linux kernel 6.2) and 2) it re-enables support for secure boot.

Mint’s website explains the purpose of its these iterated images thusly:

“If you cannot boot or install Linux Mint because your hardware is too recent and is not properly detected look for an “Edge” ISO image. This image ships with newer components to be able to support the most modern hardware chipsets and devices.”

Kernel bump aside, the Edge ISO ships with the same Linux Mint experience, with the same features, and the same package versions as the regular installation image.

Standard images are available with different desktop environments (XFCE, MATE) but the Edge ISO is Cinnamon only.

Mint caution that edge editions might not be ‘as stable’ as the standard image (which uses a long-term support release kernel), nor support as many proprietary drivers. However, in my experience (ymmv, ofc) I’ve never noticed a perceptible difference in how well it runs.

If anything, Linux Mint Edge runs better owing to its newer kernel features and improved hardware support.

You can download Linux Mint 21.2 Edge ISO from the official Linux Mint website.


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