This week I came across Plattenalbum, a modern GTK4/libadwaita frontend for the Music Player Daemon (MPD).

MPD remains a popular way to make music stored on a server or a computer available on other devices, with capable, user-friendly frontend clients for mobile and desktop devices a crucial element.

And Plattenalbum looks a solid choice.

Note: this is not a “why you should use MPD” article or a guide to installing MPD on Ubuntu. MPD isn’t an ‘everyone’ solution. If you need only want to play music files on your device a regular Linux music player like Rhythmbox, Amberol, Elisa, Tauon Music Box, etc, could be a better fit.

Now, I’ve written about Ymuse a few times in the past — rightly so as it’s a terrific Linux MPD client making it easy to connect, stream, and manage a remote or local MPD server. I’ve also covered Sonata once or twice too because, again, a great MPD client.

Unlike those, Plattenalbum goes heavy on the visuals, which is something very-long-time readers will know I’m a total sucker for.

A picture can tell a thousand words…

Is this player featured as Ymuse and others? No, but get the feeling that’s the point: Plattenalbum is a simple, eye-engaging frontend focused on letting folks play music right away, without hurdles, excessive filtering, or experiential distractions like playlists.

Instead, you select an artist, pick an album, click a track, and bam — it plays.

Plattenalbum MPD client for Linux
Plattenalbum’s no frills results in no friction

Select an artist in the left-hand sidebar to see all available albums. Click on an album cover to show the tracks within. Double-click on a track to begin playing it or, to add it to the play queue in the right-hand panel, right-click and select “append”.

Player controls sit at the bottom of Plattenalbum’s window. There’s previous, play/pause, stop, and next; a seek bar with time elapsed (left) and time remaining (right); info on track bitrate, sample rate, file format, and channel (audio format info can be disabled in the player’s Preferences panel).

A volume slider (for individual app control) sits near the end of the control bar, as well as a menu filled with playback options, including repeat, random, single-repeat/loop, and more.

Consume mode… Not sure what it is but it makes me hungry!

Plattenalbum features at a glance:

  • Browse your music collection visually
  • Start typing to search your library
  • Play music without managing playlists
  • View lyrics for currently playing track with ctrl + l
  • MPRIS support (optional)
  • Show notification on track change (optional)
  • Configure connection settings

If you think this fancy frontend sounds good you can fetch the latest release from Flathub.

• Get Plattenalbum on Flathub



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