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IRC servers

Table of Servers

No.OnlineServer HostPortsSSL/TLSNameComments
1YESirc.cyirc.org6697YESRound RobinRandom Connection
2YESirc.nicosia.cyirc.org6697YESNicosia Server
3YESirc.larnaca.cyirc.org6697, 6667 YES / NOLarnaca ServerPassword protected on 6667 by IRC op *
4YESirc.limassol.cyirc.org6697YESLimassol Server
5YESirc.aradippou.larnaca.cyirc.org6697YESAradippou, Larnaca ServerTemporary with a Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB)*
Network & Server Info Table

Notes: (*) Larnaca server is allowing 6667 only for older bots like Winbot to be allowed. You must inform the team in channel #bot about your Winbot or older bot’s purpose and use, as we are going to give your bot the +B mode. Aradippou server is only temporal as an experimental project based on our upcoming how-to tutorial on how to build your own Unrealircd 6.x using a Raspberry Pi 4 and now a pi 3 (Unrealircd v.5.0.9+) with just under <1 GB of RAM.

Connecting to our servers

The simplest way to put it is to use our commands either you are on mIRC / Adiirc or Web Chat you can use the following:

/server -j #cyprus

Replace with any of the above tables. The -j is the join and replacing the channel with your own channel. The + is to indicate that the connection is based on SSL/TLS, and it’s important to use either + or just tick somewhere in your app the SSL/TLS box.

Partner up with us

Looking to partner with us with your IRC server? Look no further, if you are knowledgeable and know-how on Unrealircd or your first time, down to Earth person, patient and friendly to help, then come into our community and help out. Rules and our Terms and Policy are somewhat you should read first before you continue with us. Then also join our IRC network and let’s talk about it in channels #cyirc or #help.

Connection Links

The connection link domains must be as or if you are in a sub-area or For now, we accept only within Cyprus, but if the future holds up with us, we will expand outside of Cyprus for example, or might we will rethink our domain strategy link naming at a later date.

Server Status

Aradippou Chat 1 Chat 2 Larnaca Limassol Nicosia

Chat Links

Official Links.

1. Chat 1.
2. Chat 2.

Alternative Mirror Links.

1. KiwiIRC 1.
2. KiwiIRC 2.

Other Web Clients.

1. IrcCloud.

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