New Features Added to Tuba, a GTK Mastodon App for Linux

Tub 0.3 boasts composer improvements
Tub 0.3 boasts composer improvements

A myriad of new features have been added to Tuba, the terrific open source Mastodon client for Linux I took a look at a few months ago.

Avid fans of this Fediverse-friendly app will find that Tuba 0.3.x is crammed with new features, functionality, and refinements, including support for custom emoji (server dependent), language selection in the composer, image preview zooming, and more.

Additionally, the performance of the app is notably improved. The app feels less lethargic on startup (to me, at least) than it did with in previous builds.

Tuba 0.3: zoom & pan images, including profile headers
Tuba 0.3: zoom & pan images, including profile headers

New features in Tuba 0.3.0 include:

  • Custom emoji support
  • Link preview cards
  • Funkwhale & BookWyrm support
  • New “All” tab in search
  • Hashtags sidebar view
  • Dedicated view for who favorited/boosted a post
  • New design for post titles and expanded posts
  • Language selector in composer
  • Zoom and panning in image previews
  • Enlarge attachments (when there’s only one)
  • Post edit notifications
  • View user avatars and headers
  • Streaming support for conversations
  • New ctrl + enter shortcut for posting
  • See joined date on profiles
  • Visual indicator for direct posts

Additionally, a frenzy of of bug fixes found their way into this refresh too.

Multiple memory leaks were plugged; websockets now close as expected; edited posts update in views instantly; all links have underlines ; account switching populates timelines more efficiently; and lots more.

For more details see Tuba on GitHub.

• You can get Tuba on Flathub.

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