NVIDIA has released a new version of its Linux graphics driver that adds support for the Night Light feature in GNOME on Wayland.

Night Light is a feature that reduces the amount of blue light emitted from your display. This, studies show, can help to improve sleep quality, and reduce eye fatigue. Most Linux distributions shipping GNOME (including Ubuntu) support the feature, but it seems not all graphics drivers do.

Or did, I should say.

The Linux x64 NVIDIA Display Driver 545.29.02 release notes mention various Wayland-related improvements (and much needed they are too, from what I hear) including support for virtual reality displays, support for running in XWayland, and a bug fix which prevented Variable Refresh Rate from working.

But pertinent to this post is “support for the CTM, DEGAMMA_LUT, and GAMMA_LUT DRM-KMS CRTC properties. These are used by features such as the “Night Light” feature in GNOME and the “Night Color” feature in KDE, when they are used as Wayland compositors.”

night light feature in ubuntu
Night Light enabled in Ubuntu

Sounds like Night Light on NVIDIA systems will “just work” under the standard Ubuntu Wayland session (assuming you have the feature turned on, of course).

In addition to this and other Wayland buffs, NVIDIA’s latest Linux driver (naturally) features more bug fixes and performance improvements. For more information, see the NVIDIA driver release notes I linked to a few paragraphs up.

I don’t own any devices equipped with NVIDIA (it’s been about a decade since I did) so I can’t offer much guidance about “how to” get the new driver on Ubuntu, but version 545.29.02 is available for download from the NVIDIA website and that does have instructions on how to install it on Linux in general.

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