Raspberry Pi and GPT-4 help you cook steak to perfection

Maker Louis was excited by the introduction of OpenAI’s GPT-4 with vision model (known as GPT-4V). He decided to put its capabilities to the test by finding out whether its cooking skills could impress the most curmudgeonly of chefs: Gordon Ramsay.

Can AI be subjective?

Louis wanted to see how well he could train GPT-4V to complete tasks with a subjective element to their success criteria, such as how well a steak is cooked. While those with a refined palate may deem a steak overdone unless the colour pink is still visible, others will refuse to eat it unless the edges are charred and every faintest trace of a blush has been eliminated. (Did that sound like I know what I’m talking about? I’m a vegetarian and pieced that together based on societal cues picked up from decades of TV watching.)

gordon ramsey screaming at a burger that it is well done. The raspberry pi is sat on the table next to the burger and is wired up to the cooking sensor
The temperature sensor, top left, is connected to a Raspberry Pi 4.
Gordon wearing a little OpenAI chef’s hat was all Louis’ idea.

Training the meat model

The meat model is trained on several images and descriptions of steaks in various states of cremation, which are stored on the Streamlit web server. Users submit photos of their steaks via Streamlit and GPT-4V analyses them, before giving a verdict on how well they’re cooked based on the stored images and descriptions. Louis has this process running on a Raspberry Pi 4.

With Louis’ tool, you can simply take a picture of a steak with your phone and receive an inference of how well done it is. It’s like having a little Gordon Ramsay in your pocket, albeit an unrealistically polite one. Though I suppose you could configure the system to swear at you as it delivers its verdict.

All images and GIFs from Louis’ project page

Beware undercooked meat!

Eating undercooked meat is no joke, so an extra layer of precaution comes in the form of an RP2040-powered sensor. A W6100-EVB-Pico sensor measures the temperature of the meat and sends this data to the Pi 4. Based on the temperature reading, the Raspberry Pi delivers its verdict on the doneness of the meat. This, combined with GPT-4V’s visual guide, gives a more dependable answer as to whether your steak is done and safe to eat.

the maker's phone in his hands displaying the cooking monitor app on the screen
The verdict is delivered

Get roasted by Ramsay

If you haven’t yet experienced Gordon’s Instagram account in which he delivers suitably scathing reviews of meals photographed and submitted by his followers, you’re missing out. All you have to do is upload a photo of your latest culinary creation to Instagram Stories, tag Gordon Ramsay’s account, sit back, and await some “constructive” feedback in the form of verbal violence. The internet: what did we ever do without it?

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