Rhythmbox 3.4.7 Released – Party Mode Removed, Bugs Fixed

A new version of Rhythmbox music player is out.

Rhythmbox may not be the fanciest or flashiest of Linux media apps but it’s certainly one of the most reliable and popular. Major Linux distros ship Rhythmbox in their default app lineup including Fedora Workstation and Ubuntu.

The change log for the latest release, Rhythmbox 3.4.7, is fairly modest on the features-front but, to be fair, this is part of the app’s raison d’être these days – it’s familiar, dependable, consistent, etc

  • Party Mode removed
  • Support for debugpy
  • Bug fixes

But some of the bug fixes are fairly interesting of themselves.

For instance, importing a playlist now imports the name of the playlist too (rather than, as before, naming it “untitled playlist”); a SIGSEGV crash when subscribing to podcasts has been nixed; and the app will now play WMA files (remember those?) when clicked.

Additionally, there’s now an updated AppData screenshot when viewing the player in places like Flathub; metadata errors are no longer set on completed podcast downloads; and a JSON parser leak in the audioscrobbler plugin has been plugged.

Rhythmbox 3.4.7 bumps the tech stack required to run/build the app to glib 2.66, GTK+ 3.16, libsoup 3, and meson 0.59 or newer.

Rhythmbox is free, open source software. You can grab the latest source code from Gitlab, or install an older build from your distro’s repo. Rhythmbox is on Flathub if you prefer to get your software that way.

Despite being released on April 16 this version of Rhythmbox is yet to hit Flathub, the AUR, etc — so unless you’re handy at building apps from source you’ll need to wait for your distro maintainers to package up n’ release this update to you.

h/t Dan

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