Sneak peek inside the first ever Open Sauce event in San Francisco

When we heard that some of the biggest names in the online makersphere were getting together in San Francisco, there was no question over whether we’d swim the pond to go say “Hi”. It was a long trip, so we’re thrilled that the first ever Open Sauce event was lit/sick/tubular/[insert age-appropriate adjective here].

We already knew plenty of the famous faces billed to appear – amazing makers like Estefannie, Colin Furze, Unnecessary Inventions, Ruth Amos, Odd_Jayy, Joel Telling, and James Bruton. But we were also extra excited to meet a whole new crew of makers, engineers, and online explorers.

Open Sauce 2023
The sufficiently fancy event badges were made by our nice friends JLCPCB.

Much Pi power

Our favourite thing about the weekend was noticing just how many exhibits were powered by Raspberry Pi. From university racing car team vehicles to violent chess games and our friends at ISS Mimic. Take a scroll through a carefully curated selection of the bajillion videos we took during the inaugural Open Sauce.

This excellently violent chess game by Everything is Hacked will give you a Raspberry Pi-powered shock if you make a bad move.
Turns out it doesn’t matter how tiny uFab make it, I’m still crap at Tetris.
We could not BELIEVE that a Raspberry Pi lives behind the dash screen of this racing car from San José State University. They promised to send us more info so we can give you a whole blog about how the Pi works with sensors in the car to aid the driver.
Our very best friends at ISS Mimic let us steal some booth space to give away stickers, rest our feet, and annoy Bryan and Sam. Watch their excellent model with flippy solar panels to make them happy, and if you like it, read more about the Raspberry Pi-powered faux ISS on the ground that pulls real-time data from the actual International Space Station in the sky.
It’s a snake in a tube with legs.
The aforementioned Bryan from team ISS Mimic also built this trike-driving skeleton to terrorise attendees.
Open Sauce loves a good twist on chess. This one is ChatGPT-powered with a side of Raspberry Pi.
Can’t resist a clicky keyboard or a teeny tiny display screen.
Sam’s favourite booth: (not just for Daft Punk fans).
Super stoked to power high-end frivolities like this from

To recap: a great time had by all. If you’re interested in the next Open Sauce, or you’d like to see full lists of the creators and exhibitors from this year, head to the Open Sauce website.

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