screenshot of Tuxedo OS 2

A new version of TUXEDO OS has been released.

TUXEDO OS is primarily (though not exclusively) designed for owners of TUXEDO Computers laptops and PCs. The latest release, TUXEDO OS 2, is (surprise) the second major update to the Kubuntu-based distro, following last year’s debut release.

Users get to enjoy the latest KDE Plasma 5.27 release (back ported from KDE neon) riding atop Linux kernel 6.1, with Mesa 22.3.6, PipeWire 0.3.66, and Mozilla Firefox 110 along for the ride. Also included are the latest versions of both KDE Frameworks (v5.103) and KDE Gear (v22.12.2).

In all, some of the latest open source tech atop a dependable Ubuntu-based base.

screenshot of Tuxedo OS 2
Cool site, I’m told…

A custom version of the KDE Breeze theme (with some rather cool tweaked icons), plus a raft of TUXEDO tools (that can/should only be used by those on TUXEDO-branded laptops and PCs).

Existing users of TUXEDO OS don’t need to do anything special to get this update as new versions of the OS are installed via regular software updates. To that end, TUXEDO has chosen to adopt a hybrid release model that’s part rolling-release, part-point release — fresh tech, but tested and released cautiously.

Anyway, that’s basically it. As mentioned, anyone is free to use TUXEDO OS but some of the bundled apps will only work on TUXEDO hardware.

You can download TUXEDO OS 2 from the TUXEDO OS website. It’s provided as a 64-bit ISO compatible with most traditional Intel and AMD systems.