Ubuntu 23.10 is once again available to download — hurrah!

If you haven’t kept pace with the drama, the Ubuntu 23.10 download went live on October 12 but was pulled a few hours later.

Turns out the main ISO (the one using the Flutter-based installer) included a set of offensive user-contributed translations, which were shown to those installing the release in the Ukrainian locale.

Once aware of the incident Canonical pulled affected ISOs from its release server and Sid it would prepare a set of corrected images.

And lo, it has!

Newly ‘sanitised’ images of Ubuntu 23.10 are available to download (someone took issue with my use of that word previously; here in the UK sanitised can mean ‘doesn’t include anything controversial’ – which the translations at the crux of this drama most certainly were).

You can get download the new image from the Ubuntu downloads page or from the release server page directly if you wish to be more specific about what you download.

Ukrainian translations for the installer aside, this is the same version of Ubuntu 23.10 released on October 12. It does comes with new version number though, namely Ubuntu 23.10.1.

By the way, if you installed Ubuntu 23.10 from an “affected” ISO you don’t need to do anything (including panic). The offending translations only appeared in a live session and were not copied/installed as part of the main installation itself.

Finally, if you’re yet to check out the (many) changes Ubuntu 23.10 ‘Mantic Minotaur’ contains, have a gander at my Ubuntu 23.10 release video – I whizz you through what’s new, without any unnecessary waffle!

Ubuntu 23.10