User Modes

User modeModuleDescriptionRestrictions
Busermodes/botMarks you as being a bot. This will add a line to /WHOIS so people can easily recognize bots.
dbuilt-inMakes it so you can not receive channel PRIVMSG’s, except for messages prefixed with a set::channel-command-prefix character. Could be used by bots to reduce traffic so they only see !somecmd type of things.
Dusermodes/privdeafMakes it so you can not receive private messages (PM’s) from anyone except IRCOps, servers and services.
NOTE: This module is new in 4.0.10 and is NOT loaded by default.
Gusermodes/censorSwear filter: filters out all the “bad words” configured in the Badword block
Hbuilt-inHide IRCop status. Regular users using /WHOIS or other commands will not see that you are an IRC Operator.IRCOp-only
Ibuilt-inHide online time in /WHOIS.IRCOp-only
ibuilt-inMakes you so called ‘invisible’. A confusing term to mean that you’re just hidden from /WHO and /NAMES if queried by someone outside the channel. Normally set by default through set::modes-on-connect (and otherwise by the users’ IRC client).
obuilt-inIRC OperatorSet by server
pusermodes/privacyHide channels you are in from /WHOIS, for extra privacy.
qusermodes/nokickUnkickable (only by U:lines, eg: services)IRCOp-only (but not all)
rbuilt-inIndicates this is a “registered nick”Set by services
Rusermodes/regonlymsgOnly receive private messages from users who are “registered users” (authenticated by Services)
Susermodes/servicebotUser is a services bot (gives some extra protection)Services-only
sbuilt-inServer notices, see SnomasksMostly IRCOp-only
Tusermodes/noctcpPrevents you from receiving CTCP’s.
tbuilt-inIndicates you are using a /VHOSTSet by server upon /VHOST, /OPER, /*HOST, ..
Wusermodes/showwhoisLets you see when people do a /WHOIS on you.IRCOp-only
wbuilt-inCan listen to wallops messages (/WALLOPS from IRCOps’)
xbuilt-inGives you a hidden / cloaked hostname.
Zusermodes/secureonlymsgAllows only users on a secure connection to send you private messages/notices/CTCPs. Conversely, you can’t send any such messages to non-secure users either.
zbuilt-inIndicates you are connected via SSL/TLSSet by serve

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