CyIRC Rules:

Do not spam or abuse the servers or you will be banned.

Be kind to others along the way.

Please regard all users as friends and treat them as such.

Please keep your bots at a friendly state on the service. /Join #bot for more info on how you can help with an eggdrop. Inform us about your bot.

LGBTQ+ members are NOT allowed to make any channels regarding their sexual orientation or any multi-identity politics are NOT allowed.

Antifa members or any form of anarchy is NOT allowed on this network.

If you are a new user, operators are in #CyIRC and in #Help, Help is where you ask questions about our services and how-tos.

Usage Disclaimer:

The CyIRC Network will not be held liable nor responsible in any way for the quality and/or accuracy of any information which is obtained through the network or any of its services.

The CyIRC Network does NOT allow pornographic or sexually explicit channels; users attempting to join such will be removed from the network. Offensive, abusive or insulting nicknames will result in the same action being taken.

Server Status

Aradippou Chat 1 Chat 2 Larnaca Limassol Nicosia

Chat Links

Official Links.

1. Chat 1.
2. Chat 2.

Alternative Mirror Links.

1. KiwiIRC 1.
2. KiwiIRC 2.

Other Web Clients.

1. IrcCloud.

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