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IRC has been a fun place for many people, most of which wrote their very own IRC scripts, others used from other people’s ideas and made modifications to their own likings. Some have even saved lots of scripts and addons from various old websites that have long gone from existence from the internet and kept some of these alive in backups of online or offline drives for many years.

We are going to introduce to you some of our own IRC scripts, mostly used on mIRC, Eggdrop, etc. Scripts by others written in Python and JavaScript like Bitbot, Limnoria, and Sopel.

We will be adding more to this space soon.

mIRC Scripts

Fun Scripts

A Greek-Cypriot Fun Script

Poullou Slaps v.2.0 or on Github.

Services Scripts

Anope Services for CyIRC Network.

Anope Services v.1.0 for CyIRC or on GitHub.

Server Status

Aradippou Chat 1 Chat 2 Larnaca Limassol Nicosia

Chat Links

Official Links.

1. Chat 1.
2. Chat 2.

Alternative Mirror Links.

1. KiwiIRC 1.
2. KiwiIRC 2.

Other Web Clients.

1. IrcCloud.

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