• Free to use.
  • No Ads, No Spam, No Spyware.
  • Build on Open Source.
  • SSL/TLS Encryption Security on Port 6697 by Default.
  • Privacy on One-on-One Private Chats.
  • Easy to use Interface based on KiwiIRC.
  • Themes within the Chat.
  • Register and Login within the Chat.
  • Video Chat in Channels and Private.
  • Share pictures with others.
  • Shared Typing with other users.
  • List more channels.
  • Create and register your own channels.
  • Give access to others on your channels.
  • Our Services: NickServ, ChanServ, HostServ, MemoServ e.t.c.
  • GameServ in Development.
  • Avatars and Custom Avatars.
  • Upload Files.
  • Take screenshots with your webcam or mobile device.
  • Auto Paste to avoid Floods.
  • Make a recorded Video Message.
  • Emojis, Giphy, and more goodies on the way.

Invite your friends and Register your Nickname on the Network. Have Fun!

Note: It’s recommended to use Google Chrome, Chromium or Microsoft Edge (Chromium) for the video chat to work properly.

Download for Android
Download for PC
Coming Soon