EndeavourOS Cassini Nova Arrives with Linux Kernel 6.2

A new revision of EndeavourOS is available for download.

EndeavourOS Cassini nova is a bug-fix update to last month’s EndeavourOS Cassini Neo release. The Arch-based distro issues new ISO regularly to make it less hassle for new users to hop aboard the rolling-release train without being several GBs of updates behind.

Linux kernel 6.2 is the headline addition here (though like all changes on this ISO, existing users already have access to). Mesa 22.3.6, NVIDIA 525.89.02, Xorg 21.1.7, and the latest alpha release of the Calamares installer are also available.

Otherwise, the bulk of this release is all about “minor but necessary bug fixes”, per the release announcement.

Image credit: EndeavourOS

Specific issues addressed include applying the correct kernel parameter for Nvidia Prime (i.e., nvidia_drm.modeset=1); no longer shipping the xf86-video-intel package for Intel legacy CPUs; and ensuring offline installations don’t install packages required for a live environment.

EndeavourOS founder Bryan Poerwo also notes there’s been “a general clean-up on the installer configs and the Calamares net install list. The latter was to prevent users from accidentally installing impaired vision tools when not selected.”

In all, important updates new users will certainly benefit from.

You can download EndeavourOS Cassini nova from the distro’s official website.

If you already have EndeavourOS installed you don’t need to download anything other than outstanding updates. To apply those, pop open the Endeavour Welcome tool and smush the ‘Update System’ button to get going.

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