Mozilla Firefox 120 has landed, bringing with it a flurry of new features and improvements.

Firefox 120 now supports corner snapping for Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode on Windows and Linux. This will put a PIP window back in a corner after it’s been moved elsewhere. To try it, hold the ctrl key and move a PIP window in the direction of any screen corner, and bam—it’ll snap.

Firefox also adds a ‘Copy Link Without Site Tracking’ open to the context menu when right-clicking on links. This option ensures links copied to your clipboard do not contain any tracking information, source tags, or other extraneous data.

Copy link without site tracking option in Firefox context menu
Does what it says, folks!

On the subject of tracking, Firefox 120 intros a Global Privacy Control setting in Preferences > Privacy & Security. When set, Firefox tells websites you do not want your data to be shared or sold. This option is not enabled by default so remember to turn it on to benefit.

web site privacy preferences settings in Firefox
More privacy options come provided

These and other key changes in Firefox 120:

  • Import data from Chromium snap
  • Option to copy link without site tracking
  • Picture-in-Picture supports corner snapping
  • New DevTools feature simulates browser tabs being offline
  • Fix for poor quality WebRTC audio capture on Linux
  • Global Privacy Control request header setting

Read the official release notes to learn more about these and other changes.

Download Firefox 120

Download Firefox for Windows, macOS, or Linux from the Mozilla website. If you’re an existing user you’ll get the update in-app (Windows, macOS), or via a distro package update (Linux).

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