Google Chrome 111 Released with 40 Security Updates

A new version of Google Chrome is now available, with the update rolling out to existing users on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Chrome 111 release includes 40 assorted security fixes, 8 of which are high-severity. The most concerning is CVE-2023-1213. This allowed a remote attack to potentially exploit heap corruption using a simple HTML page.

Security aside, there aren’t many new features included in the latest update.

Web developers get access to a new View Transitions API. This provides engaging, fluid transitions between different states within their web applications. Although the API isn’t yet supported by other web browsers, Google developed it with the W3C’s CSS working group.

Elsewhere, minor UI tweaks have been applied to the Google Chrome Sync interstitial (which you won’t notice if you’re already signed in), as spotted by About Chromebook’s Kevin Tofel. These changes are modest but do a better job of listing the benefits of Chrome sync.

For the adventurous, enable the chrome://flags/#document-picture-in-picture-api flag and you can use picture-in-picture mode with non-video web content. Anything you run in a popped-out floating windows can be pinned to appear on top of your other windows.

More details on the Google Chrome release blog post. The update is rolling out now, and is also available to download from the Google Chrome website.

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