How to Upgrade to Fedora 37 Beta Right NowRead more" />How to Upgrade to Fedora 37 Beta Right NowRead more" />

How to Upgrade to Fedora 37 Beta Right Now

Fedora 37 will be releasing next month. Fedora 37 beta is already released and it features the awesome new GNOME 43.

If you are running Fedora 36 right now and want to enjoy GNOME 43 and all the other features that come with Fedora 37, you can easily do that.

In this tutorial, I’ll show the steps for upgrading to Fedora 37 beta using terminal as well as the GUI method.

Keep in mind that you cannot downgrade to Fedora 36 the same way you upgraded to Fedora 37. You’ll have to reinstall it.

Upgrade to Fedora beta via command line

Unlike upgrading to beta version in Ubuntu, Fedora doesn’t need additional steps to exclusively mention that you are looking for a pre-release version upgrade. The steps are the same as upgrading to any Fedora stable version. Fedora presumes that you know what you are asking for.

With that information, it’s time to see the steps of the upgrade procedure.

The first step is to upgrade all the installed packages to the latest available version. Normally, it should not take long if you update your Fedora system regularly.

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

Then, install the system upgrade plugin for DNF if not already installed. This will be quick.

sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade

At this step, you should provide the number of version you are upgrading. In this case, you are looking to upgrade to Fedora 37, so instruct your system to download the release of Fedora 37 with releasever=37.

The longest time will be taken by this step. Grab a cup of coffee or even go to lunch if you don’t have superfast internet.

sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=37

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