The second bug-fix update to KDE Plasma 6 is now available, arriving just over a week after the first one rolled out.

KDE Plasma 6.0.2 brings a bunch of band-aids to resolves crashes, quirks, and other odd-ball behaviours reported by users since the KDE Plasma 6.0 stable release landed at the end of February.

Among the more notable (read: things that sound annoying to me) issues addressed through this KDE Plasma 6.0.2 update are the following:

Check the official change-log for a comprehensive overview of everything altered between v6.0.1 and this v6.0.2 release.

Users of Ubuntu-based KDE neon — the user edition ships KDE Plasma 6.0 by default — should keep an eye out for these fixes, which will arrived an assortment of packages updates through the usual software update channels over the coming days.

Other Linux distributions shipping KDE Plasma 6.0? I imagine those will endeavour (heh) to push them out to users as they can.


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