KDE Video App Haruna Adds Some Neat New Features

When I watch videos on KDE Plasma I do so using Haruna, a Qt-based media app with a pleasant UI and a potent feature set.

Haruna 0.12.0 is the latest version of the app (at the time I write this, at least) and it adds a flurry of new features – a few I personally appreciate.

For instance, it’s now possible to enable preview thumbnails when skimming over the progress bar (as in hovering, not needing to scrub). This makes it much easier to find a specific part of a video you want to jump to/revisit/rewatch:

Enable timeline previews in Settings > General

There’s also a new setting to only allow a single instance of Haruna to run. This option is off by default but is something many users will want to enable as it means video files always open in the same Haruna window and don’t launch a new one.

Other new settings include one to auto-resize window to fit the video resolution, and one to hide the playlist toolbar. Relatedly, the Settings menu now lists menu items for each settings page.

Pressing ctrl + ` (backtick) opens a searchable action palette. From here you can search for any action with an assigned keyboard shortcut, and trigger it by hitting clicking/hitting Enter:

Trigger actions by searching for them


  • Screenshot path is shown in OSD
  • “Scroll to playing item” entry in playlist context menu
  • “Open URL” entry in playlist context menu when watching online video
  • Track selection menu entries added to the hamburger menu
  • Blocking inhibition during playback now works as intended

Finally, Haruna now animates showing/hiding the menubar and toolbars — a cute visual buff.

These new features add to Haruna’s existing feature set which includes support for playing YouTube videos, a fly-over playlist, and configurable chapter skip controls.

Get Haruna

Haruna is free, open source software available for Linux and Windows (yes, Windows), and it leverages libmpv for video playback. Source code for this app is up on the KDE Invent.

Linux users can install Haruna from Flathub, or probe their distro’s repos for a (ponteitally older) pre-packaged build.

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