New App to Trim, Crop, Mirror & Flip Videos on Linux

A new app available from Flathub makes it easy to edit short videos on Linux.

The GTK4/libadwaita app Footage is not a fully-fledged video editor but it is a utility video editors will want to have in their toolbox.

Using this app you can trim video clips; rotate videos; flip videos horizontally (i.e. mirror) and vertically (i.e. flip); and crop videos — all without needing to set up a complicated video project or deal with project settings (like you would in a video editor).

Footage in action on a short webcam clip

Using Footage you can:

  • Rotate left/right
  • Flip (mirror) vertical and horizontally
  • Crop videos using on-canvas controls
  • Trim videos using draggable in/out points
  • Change frame rate
  • Resize videos
  • Convert to MKV, MP4, WEBM, GIF

As well as making it simple to perform common edits, Footage also lets export video in a number of formats. For example, if you’ve quickly shot a 5 second video of your cat being super cute you can open it in Footage to quickly convert it to, say, an animated GIF — nice!

In all, this is a well-made, well-designed utility that caters to all sorts of use cases, from casual clip sharing between friends through to professional content to share with clients. Highly recommended.

• Get Footage on Flathub

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