See System Info on Linux with New App ‘Inspector’

Want to learn more about the hardware your Linux device uses?

Inspector is a new GTK4/libdawaita app that lets you do just that.

System info apps for Linux aren’t in short supply (we looked at CPU-X earlier in the year). Inspector differs in that it’s written in GTK4/libadwaita, and provides a GUI frontend to common command-line tools that many Linux distros already ship with.

These are commands you may be familiar with but find a hassle to remember/look up each time you want to run them to find something out. Helpfully, Inspector lists which commands its using to get information for each of its sections.

Output of lshw -c cpu shown in a GUI

When installed, you can open Inspector to see system information on:

  • USB devices
  • Disk
  • Memory
  • PCI devices
  • Network
  • CPU
  • Motherboard and bios
  • System and distro

The type of information Inspector shows in each sections is detailed and verbose. This makes it a tool most casual users (e.g., someone looking to know what model CPU they have, or how much RAM is installed) won’t need to install.

Motherboard information being shown

Inspector is ideal for Linux users needing to find advanced info e.g., CPU stepping, byte order, address size, vulnerability status; BIOS version; active network details; kernel build details, etc.

Inspector is free, open source software (source code on GitHub) and the latest stable release of the app is available from Flathub, linked below.

• Get Inspector on Flathub

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