The 15 Best Minecraft Faction Servers

Most Minecraft community players agree that the game’s experience is built entirely on the internet. The multiplayer world provides something for everyone, whether it’s the fun parkour Minecraft servers or the pleasure of playing with friends. Continuing on the same theme, we’d like to present a list of the finest Minecraft servers you should play on if you truly want to appreciate the potential of online multiplayer gaming. They contain anything from stunning housing designs to powerful modpacks that impact the game globally. All you need is the most recent Minecraft 1.18 update on your smartphone. Many servers, however, allow players using earlier versions to connect without issue.

Minecraft has provided a fantastic creative outlet for gamers, allowing them to construct their hearts’ content without understanding a single line of code. Their efforts and ideas live in the most fantastic Minecraft servers. Each server is its self-contained multiplayer environment, complete with its own set of laws, gaming style, and community. We went on a journey to uncover the finest, which included everything from spectacular structures and views to planets with entirely new laws and game types.

Furthermore, did you know these fantastic servers are free to join and play on? Faction servers are created by groups of Minecraft players claiming a plot of land to build their bases on, and the finest servers are the ones you should join. It might be tough to decide which server to join, but we’ve simplified the process by reducing it to Minecraft’s top fifteen faction servers. With such fantastic news, let us move on to the top 15 best Minecraft fraction servers you should try in 2022.

15 Best Minecraft Faction Servers

Below are the top 15 best Minecraft faction servers you should try out in 2022:

1. MassiveCraft

MassiveCraft is widely credited with pioneering factions in the Minecraft community. So, the original faction server is the best location to start with factions. It comes with 40 custom plugins and many excellent Minecraft adventure maps. The server then offers features like FactionsDynmap, FactionsTax, and FactionsAchievements to take factions to the next level. MassiveCraft also has a collection of custom Minecraft biomes that employ random layouts of unique things to create distinct landscapes. Old ruins, canyons, iceberg oceans, and other fascinating biomes set this server apart from the vanilla experience. Even if you don’t find a group to join, the server’s realm is intriguing enough to explore on your own.

massive craft faction server min
Massive Craft Faction Server

Server Address:

2. Cosmic PvP

Most Minecraft faction servers are based on vanilla Minecraft or popular custom Minecraft maps. Cosmic PvP, on the other hand, follows an intriguing cosmic concept featuring planets, asteroids, diverse biomes, and even alien creatures. All that is needed is you and your astronaut team, eager to explore the depths of the cosmos. Cosmic PvP contains two distinct planets that serve as Minecraft faction maps. The most popular is the Dungeon planet, which has deadly mobs, hidden treasures, and a plethora of mysteries. The other is Lava Planet, which is analogous to accessing the Nether portal in Minecraft. It contains a hostile ecology and an active volcano in the center.

cosmic pvp faction server min
Cosmic PvP Faction Server

Server Address: (Join through the official client)

3. LifeSteal

This Minecraft faction’s server is truly one-of-a-kind. It is based on the SMP (survival multiplayer) concept. You spawn with hundreds of other players in a heavily customized Minecraft environment. You must survive, acquire resources, and endeavor to defeat all of the in-game bosses while being assaulted. On LifeSteal, in addition to the surviving factions, you may also play hardcode, anarchy, and KitPvP. However, one issue that might arise on this server is competition. Players on this server for an extended period may be able to overpower newcomers. So, before you join LifeSteal, make sure you know how to build a Minecraft home to defend yourself.

lifesteal faction server
LifeSteal Faction Server

Server Address:

4. Purple Prison

Purple Prison is among the most prominent servers of all time, and it’s largely recognized for its prison game mode. However, this does not exclude it from being useful for working in factions. It has a player-focused economy where players may audition, shop, and trade products for in-game points. As a result, making cash on Purple Prison is easier than on any Minecraft server. Regarding PvP, the server enables players to battle or remain neutral. It contains pre-programmed PvP events, specialized battle zones, and even team-based mini-games. All of this, though, is entirely optional. Unlike most of the servers on our list, Purple Prison allows you to hang out with your pals without fear of being assaulted. However, if you want a genuinely jail-like experience, check out the finest Minecraft prison servers.

purple prison faction server
Purple Prison Faction Server

Server Address:

5. Mana Cube

Mana Cube is a Minecraft faction server centered on clans, similar to Clash of Clans. Players can raid adversaries while defending their strongholds. Aside from invading other factions, factions can expand by engaging in duels, missions, races, and mini-games. Each group assigns each player on Mana Cube a specific amount of power. They can use this capacity to seize certain areas of the server’s territory for their bases. The server also contains numerous realities for these regions, including overworld, moon, underworld, and even a mars reality.

manacube faction server
Manacube Faction Server

Server Address:

6. OPBlocks

On our list, OPBlocks ranks among the most prominent Minecraft factions servers. It allows you to create bespoke in-game recipes for explosives, boosters, busters, and even unique in-game wands. You may also obtain items via the server’s black market and regular events if that seems too much effort. The server’s universe features unique mini-games and custom game types inside factions that your entire team may enjoy. Furthermore, the game includes a kill tracker and a hitman system to increase the danger. If you want something simpler, you might try games like coin flipping, lotteries, rocks, paper, and scissors.

opblocks min
OPBlocks Faction Server

Java Address:

Bedrock Address:

7. Herobrine Faction Server

If you’ve been in the Minecraft community for a while, you’ve probably heard of Herobrine’s myth. It’s a mythological and violent mob that resembles the game’s protagonist Steve and enjoys messing with people. Of course, Herobrine’s existence is mythological, but the server with the same name is genuine. It keeps the planet basic by basing its factions on an Earth-like survival system. The server is simple to use, and if you’ve never competed on a factions server before, this may be ideal for you. The sole disadvantage is the inclusion of an anti-cheat mechanism, which some players believe is incorrect.

herobrine faction server
Herobrine Faction Server

Server Address:

8. Snapcraft

This next Minecraft faction server is basic but one-of-a-kind in a twisted way. You may raid, develop farms, join teams, and even specify your relationship status with other server users. Each group on this server is evaluated based on its power. Every member contributes something to the squad on an individual basis. It enables them to claim territories, compete in events, and even get access to unique features. Unlike the other Minecraft faction servers on our list, it also allows solitary players to survive. Even though most factions require at least three players, you can survive alone or as a duo. Simply pick one of the finest Minecraft skins to hide your character and avoid standing out.

snapcraft faction server
Snapcraft faction Server

Server Address:

9. Mineland Network

The Mineland network, our next server, is a one-of-a-kind metaverse-styled Minecraft environment. It features over 1000 distinct games that everyone on the site may play. You may compete against your pals or join them in defeating the other teams. In terms of factions, each has its own economic structure, server plots, and special team-based features. Furthermore, if the server’s mini-games aren’t enough, you may create your own. This is made feasible by Mineland’s simple coding structure and the actual money offered to game makers. Your imagination is the only limit.

mineland network faction server
Mineland Network Faction Server

Server Address:

10. The Archon

Next up is an action-packed Minecraft faction server that is reset every few months. This reset guarantees that the gameplay is fresh and that the veterans do not overwhelm the new players. Aside from that, there’s roleplay, secret missions, and a slew of unique faction elements to keep your playtime interesting. However, if you join this server during the season, the current factions and players may be difficult to overcome. So, ensure you’re familiar with all the top Minecraft home designs to claim your rightful place in each group.

complex vanilla faction server
The Archon Faction Server

Server Address:

11. Complex Vanilla

Complex Vanilla’s most notable characteristic as a Minecraft server is its various game types. Skyblocks, Pixelmon, creative, jail, and other amusing alternatives are available. But the basic and dynamic factions here are even more astounding. Aside from ordinary survival, the server also provides extra opportunities to collaborate with other players. It offers crafts competitions, online meet-ups, and other events to keep the community engaged. Not to mention, with such many active players, you may easily select a faction to join.

complex vanilla faction server
Complex Vanilla Faction Server

Server Address:

12. Lemon Cloud Faction Server

Lemon Cloud is a rare Minecraft server where factions get most of the resources. Due to this, we now have a competitive server with distinct cosmetics, kits, and frequent in-game events. It also has seasons, just like other popular multiplayer games, with each season bringing new material to the game. This server offers bots, auctioning, a TNT-based economy, leaderboards, secret chests, and even MMO, among other incredible features. However, if you enjoy the greatest Minecraft Mountain seeds, you should explore the Archon Faction server. Mountainous biomes are disabled on Lemon Cloud to keep things simple. However, this gives us an intriguing overworld to sightsee on our own.

lemon cloud faction server
Lemon Cloud Faction Server

Server Address:

13. VanityMC

The VanityMC faction server is also highly competitive. It is continually updated with new information and material to keep the gameplay experience as fresh as possible. This server also has a professional management staff comprised of mods and admins. To complement these features, VanityMC has its Discord server. This significantly improves community communication.

vanitymc faction server
VanityMC Faction Server

Server Address:

14. Mox MC

This list of the finest faction servers in Minecraft also includes the Mox MC. Joining this server will provide you with a formidable PvP kit for free! This package will include potions, gear, and a variety of other fantastic goodies. This faction also has a bespoke auction house system. You may earn money here by auctioning off high-value things. These things are up for auction to everyone on the server. At the same time, you can bid on products other players on the server have put up for sale.

mox mc faction server
Mox MC Faction Server

Server Address: MOXMC.NET

15. Viper MC Faction Server

At the start of a new battlefield, the Viper MC faction attracts roughly 10,000 players. It has been designed to be as competitive as possible, which means it is a harsh faction. If you die in the Viper MC, you will be banned for life. This implies you cannot access the server for a set period. In such a server, if you die too much, you will become exposed to raids from other players. This implies that you might lose all you own.

viper mc faction server
Viper MC Faction Server

Server Address:

Conclusive remarks

This article comprehensively covers the top 15 best Minecraft servers that can take your gaming to a new level. If you are a diehard Minecraft gamer and would like to get the best experience ever, then we recommend trying out any of the faction servers highlighted in this article.

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