Tube Converter Beta Boasts Faster Downloads, Queue Feature

If you want to download a YouTube video on Linux you’re not short of options, with command-line tool yt-dlp the most featured and efficient method.

Prefer something a bit more graphic(al)?

Tube Converter is a solid option. It’s a GTK app providing a user-friendly front-end to yt-dlp. It lets you download videos in a variety of formats (including audio-only like MP3), quality options, and choose whether to fetch subtitles too.

tube converter welcome page
The app boasts a clean GTK UI

Stable versions of the Tube Converter are available on Flathub but the most interesting stuff is happening in the beta channel. Having been rewritten in C#, the new Tube Converter beta boasts a cleaner architecture, faster downloads, queuing, and improved user-interface.

Sidenote: the C# port means Tube Converter is also coming to Windows soon – nice!

Notable improvements present in the Tube Converter beta include:

  • Download progress/speed indicators
  • Queue system: downloads, completed, queued
  • Option to set max number of active downloads
  • View log(s) during download(s)
  • ‘Open Save Folder’ button on successful download
  • ‘Retry Download’ button on error
  • Redesigned to better fit small screens/mobile devices

Downloading YouTube playlists is the next big feature to be added, and should land prior to the C# rewrite migrating to the stable channel.

Though not planned AFAIK, I think app should use desktop notifications to let you know when a (lengthy) download completes (maybe with an option to open the save folder)

Completed downloads gain “open save folder” button

If you want to try the Tube Converter beta — do keep in mind it’s a beta — you can get a development build via the Flathub beta remote. Details on doing that are listed on Tube Converter‘s GitHub releases page, where a .flatpak beta package is also offered.

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