A new temporary wallpaper is being introduced in Ubuntu 23.10 “Mantic Minotaur”, which is currently under active development.

The aim of the background is to make it “more obvious when testing the mantic daily that it is not lunar anymore”. There’s precedent for this; Ubuntu 23.04 included AI-generate lobster artwork for the bulk of its daily builds.

It visual signpost doesn’t just remind developers and enthusiasts which release they’re working on/testing but makes those watching early-bird Ubuntu 23.10 reviews on YouTube etc aware that what they’re seeing is not the final, finished product.

Anyway, here’s how Ubuntu 23.10 daily builds were looking:

The giant lobster fools you into thinking it’s 23.04

And here’s how things look after the updated ubuntu-wallpapers package is installed:

No doubt that you’re using something WIP when seeing this

Retina burning intensity aside ?, the temp background is sufficiently bland (replete with a watermark amusingly obscured by the one desktop icon the distro shows) to ensure all eyes who gaze upon are made aware they gawping at an unfinished preview, not the real-deal.

Normally I’d ask you what you think of a wallpaper but, honestly, in this instance there’s not much point. This drape isn’t there to look fancy but be informative.

Even so: a purple version would’ve been less scaring on the ol’ ocular organs, right?! ?



Ubuntu 23.10