WinTile GNOME Extension Adds More Settings, Drag Zones

Until GNOME Shell bakes in advanced window tiling features of its own it’s left to third-party extensions to step in and fill the gaps.

Thankfully we aren’t left wanting in that area.

WinTile is one of the best known and most popular window tiling extensions for GNOME Shell. It deliver a keyboard-driven experience is inspired by Windows 10, allowing you to maximize, half-snap, sides, and quarter-tile windows using just the super + arrow keys.

You can also drag windows to screen edges to ‘snap’ them into place, if that’s how you prefer to work.

Recently, the extension underwent a major overhaul, and a new developer was brought onboard to work on finessing and extending its capabilities. And lo, a new release is now live on the GNOME Extensions website.

WinTile v13

WinTile v13 adds a swathe of new settings

WinTile v13 adds the following new features/options:

  • Choose number of columns (2 to 5)
  • Choose number of rows (1 to 4)
  • Force different row and column count for external monitor
  • Setting to adjust gap size between tiled windows
  • Additional drag zones:
    • top center maximizes
    • left or right center maximize height at double width
    • bottom center goes full-width on the bottom row
    • center of any grid on the bottom spawns full-height or full-width in any grid
  • ctrl + drag lets you drop a tile in a specific grid zone (not just edges) 
  • super + ctrl + drag to draw column and rows where you want window to spawn
  • super + ctrl + arrow to grow a tile in that direction (space permitting)

You can find more information on the extension plus documentation and detail on how to use some of its features on the WinTile Github page.

Interested in trying it out?

WinTile is free, open source software that works with GNOME 3.36 and above. You’ll find the latest stable release of the extension on the GNOME Extensions website.

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