Work Underway to Add Accent Color Support to GNOME

If you dream of being able to set a different accent color for use in GNOME Shell, I’ve got news.

Work to properly and officially implement support for accent colors in GNOME has stepped up a gear. A new merge request has been opened that makes 10 accent colors available — all without any workaround extensions or weird theme hacks (sorry, Ubuntu).

I know I’m not alone in pining for some extra ways to personalize their GNOME experience. GNOME’s (or is Adwaita’s?) default ‘blue’ hue is perfectly fine but sometimes it’s just not my mood, you know?

Allowing users to change the color used by buttons, toggles, and switches in GNOME Shell, core apps, and possibly GTK4/libadwaita apps is the most effective way to do this — as some early screenshots of the feature in action show.

Still, this is all draft.

No-one (including me) should get too excited too soon. A canny cadre of developers are coding away to make this all a reality but there will, no doubt, be code challenges and usability considerations to contend with as the mechanics enabling it start to slot in to place.

However, as a self-confessed customization fan this something I’ll be keeping a keen eye on, especially as work on GNOME 45, due out in the autumn, begins to get underway.

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