10 amazing upcycling projects | #MagPiMonday

Reduce, reuse, and recycle with these upcycled Raspberry Pi projects from the latest issue of The MagPi magazine. Happy #MagPiMonday!

Old tech will always be cool. A mix of nostalgia and forgotten design concepts will forever make something appealing to the right person. Sometimes though, the technology behind them can be hard to keep using – this is where our favourite tiny computer comes in to modernise.

Old School Minitel Laptop

Terminal to desktop

These French terminals connected to a country-wide network that allowed you to book train tickets, check email, access banking, and other digital services we take for granted now. Now, it’s a laptop.

10 amazing upcycling projects | #MagPiMonday

Thermal Paper Polaroid


Instant cameras are making a comeback, but what if you could combine newer photography tech with them? Well, this is your answer.

10 amazing upcycling projects | #MagPiMonday

Magic mirror dresser

Victorian upcycling

Magic mirrors are classic and cool Raspberry Pi projects – this adds a lot more flare by being integrated into a whole antique dresser.

10 amazing upcycling projects | #MagPiMonday

Repurposed Wii U

Emulation station

When you have a broken console – or (unfortunately) obsolete console – you can turn it into a pretty great handheld emulator with a Raspberry Pi.

10 amazing upcycling projects | #MagPiMonday

Boost-Box 0.1

Super Super-8

Once a way to view film footage from your home camera, now it’s a command line YouTube browser for a very cool and retro way to watch Funny Vine Compilations 16.

10 amazing upcycling projects | #MagPiMonday

Tomy Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard Arcade

Magical sound shower

This is a forever-cool update of a kids’ toy from the eighties to run classic arcade game Out Run, and is full of rad extra features like a working speedometer and revs.

10 amazing upcycling projects | #MagPiMonday

Digital Consult Dash

Pee-OBD-II adaptation

OBD-II is a standard that makes connecting Raspberry Pi to a car very easy. What happens when you have to use an old consult system? Meet Consult Dash.

Alexa Ruxpin


Although this seems like the start of a nineties horror movie, this project makes a classic talking teddy a little smarter. Maybe too smart.

1981 Portable VCR Raspberry Pi Media Centre

Be kind, rewind

Physical chunky buttons will always be great and popping out the fake cassette to access a USB hub is very cool too. Also, it works as a media centre.

Converted joystick

Pico-powered USB

Did you experience the pain of having to replace a serial joystick? Well if you waited another 20 years, you could have installed a Raspberry Pi Pico and converted it to USB!

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