Linux Mastodon App Tuba Gets New Features, Updates UI

A new version of the Tuba Mastodon app for Linux is rolling out on Flathub.

Tuba 0.5 features an array of UI changes, many the result of the new widgets and adaptive capabilities provided by libadwaita 1.4. Naturally this includes the ‘full-height’ sidebar and split-toolbars “made famous” in GNOME 45:

Tuba 0.5.0’s new look thanks to libadwaita 1.4

The new widgets affect the navigation of the app somewhat.

The top toolbar is gone so Tuba’s sidebar is the new home for “Home”, “Notifications”, and “Conversations”, filter along with a labelled “Search” entry. “Preferences”, “Keyboard shortcuts” and “About” items move from the sidebar to the sidebar’s hamburger menu.

Each post in a stream now uses a ‘carded’ look (when the window width is large enough to accommodate it) which, to my eyes if no-one else, looks pretty nice.

New notification choice, and notification toast actions

There a number of improvements around notifications, too. It’s now possible to disable certain types of notifications (e.g., edits, boosts, new followers, etc). The change-log mentions that now notifications can display action buttons (e.g., reply) where applicable – nice!

The “compose” button has been removed from the top toolbar. It is now located in the bottom-right of main window (it took me a while to find it, but it will be more obvious to Android users as floating buttons are common on that platform).

Other changes:

  • Setting to increase emoji size
  • New ‘Announcements’ tab
  • Support drag and drop images into composer
  • Supports pasting clipboard images into composer
  • Shorter numerical units (e.g., 1.3k instead of 1324)
  • Redesigned media overlay for sensitive media
  • Renders ordered lists in posts
  • Better styling of blockquotes in posts
  • Composer now shows content selector (where supported)
  • Media Viewer zoom keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved account switcher
  • Search results order based on query

Bug fixes, code cleanups, and performance tweaks also feature (as you’d expect of most app updates). For more details check out the change-log on GitHub.

In all, a terrific update to this app. If you’re a maverick Mastodon devotee and you like the idea of using the service in a native GTK app, Tuba is just the ticket.

Install Tuba Mastodon App

Tuba is free, open-source software. You can get the latest release officially from Flathub, linked below. The app is also available elsewhere unofficially, including the AUR.

• Get Tuba on Flathub

Thanks Scotty & Bart!

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