Wondering what to expect in Linux Mint 21.2 when it’s released this June?

Well, wonder no more! Linux Mint lead Clem Lefebvre has shared a few early details on the team has planned for Linux Mint 21.1. For one, it has a codename: “Victoria” (and if you haven’t cottoned on to it yet, each version of Linux Mint is given a “human” codename because …Well, I’m not really sure why).

Clem also confirms that the Linux Mint 21.2 release date is pencilled in for late June. This date isn’t a surprise as it’s with when previous Linux Mint releases have appeared.

As per tradition, Linux Mint 21.2 will be produced in 3 distillations: one using the Cinnamon desktop; one shipping the MATE desktop; and one that opts for Xfce — the latest Xfce 4.18 release to be exact.

“Tell us something we couldn’t guess for ourselves”, no-one shouts at me (but probably should).

screenshot of linux int 21.1 nemo and settings
Don’t like Mint’s folder icons? They’re being refined for 21.2

Linux Mint 21.2 will feature numerous improvements to Slick Greeter (aka the login screen) such as support for different keyboard layouts (accessed from an indicator), and auto-enabling tap-to-click if the user can tap-to-click.

Personally, I tap to click everything — well, everything but the spell-check button, right? 😉

Additionally, Linux Mint’s login screen will support configurable layouts in Onboard, the on-screen keyboard; improve keyboard navigation (so the caret can be repositioned in typed passwords using arrow keys); show a button to toggle password visibility (hey, I do make typos); and allow scrolling in the session picker.

Rounding out Slick Greeter’s slick improvements will, Mint tease, be support for Wayland sessions. I’m not sure if this means a Linux Mint Wayland session — that’d be serious hold-the-front-page news — or simply initial support for running Slick Greeter on Wayland… Guess we’ll see 👀.

Linux Mint 21.2 also plans to put a bunch of photo-related improvements in the frame. HEIF and AVIF images will be supported out of the box; Xreader will preview Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files; and the Pix photo manager will be rebased on a gThumb 3.12, an uplift that will deliver a TON of UI and UX improvements.

Chances are there’ll be more besides this but for now these are the “known” knowns. Also known is that Linux Mint 21.2 ‘Victoria’ will continue to based on top of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Linux kernel 5.15.

Are there any specific changes or improvements you want to see in Linux Mint 21.2? Share ’em down in the comments — just keep things civil and constructive!




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