NEW BOOK: The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2024 is here!

The brand new Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2024 has landed! No it is not too early to think about what you should buy your favourite geeks for Christmas. Yes you should buy them this.

Created by the beautiful minds behind the official Raspberry Pi magazine, The MagPi, it may just be our best annual handbook yet. But we do say that every year, so…

200 pages of fun

As usual, they’ve packed 200 pages full of Raspberry Pi goodness. You’ll find incredible projects to inspire your next build, step-by-step tutorials to help you make cool stuff, and reviews of the best kit, it has everything the Raspberry Pi fan could ask for.

Front cover of the 2024 raspberry pi handbook. Mostly white with a black title, the word "official" above the title is i hot pink. A big Raspberry Pi is the main image in the middle with 6 thumbnails showing projects from the pages inside around it

Raspberry Pi 5 special feature

You may have heard that we recently released the next iteration in the world-conquering Raspberry Pi line-up. This new handbook contains a detailed guide to the all-new Raspberry Pi 5 computer, including the bespoke accessories we designed for it, as well as the new operating system.

A double page spread from the 2024 raspberry pi handbook. Mostly black with subtle colourful patterns around the white text. A massive Raspberry Pi is pictured on the right of the spread

Help for new beginners to get set up

This new book isn’t just for seasoned Raspberry Pi users. We’ve included a special section to help absolute beginners understand what each bit of hardware does and how to get it all plugged in correctly.

Whether you’re starting your journey on one of our traditional boards, on a Raspberry Pi 400, or a Raspberry Pi Zero, there’s a step-by-step guide for you. We’ll also walk you through setting up the software you need to start using your Raspberry Pi. Each section in the Starter Guide has only three steps, so it’s really accessible – not at all scary – for people of any ability.

A double page spread from the 2024 raspberry pi handbook. Yellow background with white text boxes. Title is Raspberry Pi starter guide with a photo above it showing a birds eye view of a wooden desk and someone using a Raspberry Pi 400

Detailed maker guides

Elsewhere inside The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2024, you’ll find tonnes of incredible maker guides for electronics, Linux, retro gaming and robotics. You can learn how to build your own weather station, save yourself a monthly fee by hosting your own Minecraft server, or make an Iron Man Arc Reactor, to name just a few of the tutorials within its pages.

A double page spread from the 2024 raspberry pi handbook with yellow, hot pink and blu panels. Title says "Serious fun" and a cutting board shows a breadboard with wires attached to a Raspberry Pi with some peripherals scattered around it

Inspiring projects

There’s also a hand-picked selection of some of the very best projects built by the global Raspberry Pi community. We’ve seen it all this year, from a full-size replica of Doctor Who’s K-9 companion, to a NeoPixel dog coat, and a time-lapse camera withstanding sub-zero temperatures to monitor penguin habitats.

A double page spread from the 2024 raspberry pi handbook. Title says "Fancy octopus arcades" with text about the project a nd a big photo of the arcade itself

On top of all this, you’ll also find more than twenty pages of hardware reviews and resources. So what are you waiting for? That’s at least one Christmas present ticked off your list.

Grab your copy of The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2024 for just £14 from the Raspberry Pi Press online store.

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