A new version of ONLYOFFICE, an open-source productivity suite for Windows, macOS, and Linux has been released.

ONLYOFFICE 7.3 features a batch of minor yet useful improvements. For instance, users can now assign roles and fields in fillable forms. Roles can be assigned a colour making it easier for anyone filling in the form to see which field(s) are relevant to them.

Microsoft Office users may be interested to hear ONLYOFFICCE supports SmartArt elements. These visually-rich representations of information can be inserted into text documents, presentations, etc via the Insert > SmartArt menu option.

Other changes include new options to password-protect text documents, including options to specify actions, for example “view file”, “view file and fill in fields”, “leave comments”, etc. Access these features from the ‘Protection’ tab.

The spreadsheet editor gains a Watch Window feature that saves from you needing to constantly scroll or navigate to sections of the document to see/monitor formula calculations.

And the Presentation app now lets you use ‘Paste Special’ hotkeys to paste slide elements while retaining theme, formatting, or type; and users can enable gridlines and smart guides to assist them while designing and positioning elements in slides.

Additionally, ONLYOFFICE’s Linux apps now use native system dialog windows, which is nice; you can show/hide left/right panels; use presets for inserting text boxes; and access settings to rotate 3D charts.


You can download ONLYOFFICE from the suite’s official website. Linux builds are provided as DEB and RPM installers, as an AppImage. The suite is also available from the Snap Store and Flathub, though these channels often take a couple days to be updated to the latest release, so keep that in mind.


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