Raspberry Pi for industrial applications

Raspberry Pi products are used in a wide range of industrial settings, with the majority of units we sell going into products or services. Our technology is deployed in a huge variety of applications, ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to transportation, and by enterprises at every scale, from small family businesses to multinational companies. Raspberry Pi’s small size, affordability, and versatility make it an ideal platform for developing innovative industrial solutions, and with RP2040 and Raspberry Pi Pico, our product line now includes microcontrollers designed in house for all applications. It’s more important than ever for our industrial customers to keep up to date with the latest about Raspberry Pi and the products we power.

Raspberry Pis act as monitoring systems at the Sony factory in South Wales where they are manufactured

If you’re a business customer, you can keep up to date with our new email newsletter, access the files you need via our Product Information Portal (PIP), and promote your products that use Raspberry Pi with our Powered by Raspberry Pi programme.

New email newsletter: Raspberry Pi for industry

I’m delighted to announce the launch of our new newsletter, Raspberry Pi for industry. This will be a valuable resource for businesses and individuals who are interested in using Raspberry Pi products for industrial and embedded applications. The newsletter will feature updates on a variety of topics:

  • New product releases and services designed specifically for industrial use
  • Case studies and standout additions to our Powered By Raspberry Pi programme, from businesses and individuals using our products in innovative ways in markets from healthcare to factory automation
  • White papers on how to use Raspberry Pi products for specific industrial applications
  • Updates on documentation and new features
  • Latest Product Change Notifications (PCNs)

The Raspberry Pi for Industry newsletter is free to subscribe to, and is published every quarter. To sign up, visit the Raspberry Pi for industry homepage and enter your email address.

screen grab of raspberry pi for industry page hovering at the banner where visitors can enter their email address to sign up to the industry newsletter

The Raspberry Pi Product Information Portal

The Raspberry Pi Product Information Portal (PIP) is a web-based resource that provides industrial users of Raspberry Pi with access to a wide range of technical documentation, white papers, and compliance information. The portal is designed to help industrial users to select the right products for their needs, to design and develop their Raspberry Pi-based applications, and to troubleshoot any problems they might encounter.

From the Raspberry Pi Pico documentation - showing the product information portal

Users can subscribe to individual products in order to get a notification whenever we add a new file relating to that particular product. There’s also the option to subscribe just to Product Change Notifications for all products.

White papers and app notes provide technical information on specific Raspberry Pi topics. Examples include how to use Raspberry Pi in industrial automation applications, and how to design a Raspberry Pi-based embedded system.

The portal also includes a search function that helps users to find the documentation they need quickly.

Powered By Raspberry Pi

The Powered by Raspberry Pi logo is a mark of quality that shows that a product uses Raspberry Pi technology. It is a way for companies to promote their products and services to potential customers who are looking for high-quality, innovative products.

From the Raspberry Pi for Industry landing page

If your company uses Raspberry Pi in your products or services, you can apply to use the Powered by Raspberry Pi logo. If your application is successful, we will grant a licence to use the “Powered by Raspberry Pi” logo on your products, packaging, and marketing materials. You will also be able to list your products in our Powered by Raspberry Pi product catalogue.

If you have any questions or comments on how to use Raspberry Pi products in products, please use the comments box below, or email [email protected].

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