Trisquel 11 Released, Based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Like your Linux as “libre” as possible?

If so, you’ll be pleased to hear a new version of Free Software Foundation (FSF) endorsed Trisquel is available to download.

Trisquel 11 “Aramo” is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and, importantly, strips out anything that’s not 100% free, open-source software or FSF approved, be it firmware, drivers or apps. It’s a long-term support releases that gets updates and security fixes for 2 years.

Trivia: Trisquel 11 was released live on stage during a presentation at the LibrePlanet 2023 conference — how cool is that?

Trisquel 11.0 linux distribution desktop screenshot
Trisquel 11.0

Powering Trisquel is Linux libre kernel 5.15, and the MATE 1.26 desktop environment is used by default (flavors with other desktops are available including the wonderfully named Triskel – I’ll let you guess which DE it uses).

You won’t find Ubuntu’s contentious Snap technology anywhere, though Firefox doesn’t quite make the cut anyway, with Trisquel devs opting for a de-branded (but mercifully Deb-based) Abrowser (a browser is better than no browser, right? Bad joke, sorry).

Screenshot of Trisquel 11.0 with the Abrowser and Caja file manager open
Software needs are well catered for

Also included is the Icedove email client (a Thunderbird fork), LibreOffice, Viewnior image viewer, and The GIMP for graphics editing. Rhythmbox, VLC, and Brasero are present for media needs. Pidgin, Liferea, and Transmission also help fill out the software selection.

Notably, Trisquel 11 intros support for 64-bit ARM and PowerPC systems. A newer Linux libre kernel based on Linux 5.19 will be issued as a software update.

You can download Trisquel 11.0 LTS from the official Trisquel website. If you run Trisquel 10 you can upgrade to Trisquel 11 by first installing all pending updates, then running sudo do-release-upgrade from the command line.

via Phoronix

Yes, yes: what I refer to as Linux is technically GNU/Linux ????

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