Want to Extract Color Palettes from Images on Linux? Try This App

Ever look at an image and think: “wow, I’d love to use those colors in my design work”?

I certainly do.

To extract colors from images I will open a color picker app like Pick and use the eyedropper tool to mouse over the parts of an image I wish to pull color from. I then save the values in a text editor so I can copy/paste them into design apps (or .css files).

But now I don’t need to.

There’s a new Linux app that does it for me; it’s able to extract a color palette(s) from any image automatically, and present the results, ready to use elsewhere.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

Paleta: Extract Colors from Images

Paleta: a focused tool for designers

Paleta is a simple GTK4/libadwaita app for Linux. It uses the JavaScript-based color-thief library to extract dominant colors from an image, and presents the hues as a color palette with RGB and Hex values ready to copy/paste elsewhere.

You can even choose how many colors are generated from the image, and specific a palette accuracy level (the lower the accuracy the faster it works).

Helpfully, you can save color palettes the app generates, give them a custom name, and easily reference them again in future from within the app. The color palette library is a real time saver and you can even edit palettes to remove colors or change their value.

Paleta: create a library of color

A top-level recap of Paleta’s key features:

  • Drag and drop images to load
  • Color extraction with color-thief
  • Save extracted palettes for later use
  • Modify saved palette name and colors
  • Create palettes manually

In summary, Paleta is an essential tool for designer’s digital toolbox. It’s an intuitive, fast, and superbly focused tool utility that designers, artists, web developers, and anyone else who regularly works with colors will find indispensable.

→ Get Paleta on Flathub.

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