Remember Wunderlist? It was a highly popular and well-made cloud-based to-do/task app that was free to use on all major mobile and desktop platforms, including Linux, until Microsoft acquired it and eventually shut it down.

Well, now it’s back — sort of.

The creators of Wunderlist have launched a brand-new to-do app called Superlist, positioning it as a superior spiritual successor to its esteemed predecessor.

Superlist boasts a clean, streamlined design, a easy-to-master feature set, and a liberal pricing structure allowing free, personal usage “forever.”

Superlist web app running on Fedora
Superlist in action with task detail pane expanded

Indeed, Superlist’s “free for individuals forever” plan offers:

  • Unlimited tasks, notes, and reminders
  • Unlimited private lists
  • 5 shared lists with up to 5 people
  • Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft To Do and email forwarding
  • Email task summarization
  • ~10MB upload & 500MB file storage

Which is more than I’d ever need.

Paid plans start at $8 per month and target at businesses, distributed teams, and collaborative needs by through pro features like larger file uploads, integration with Github and Figma, unlimited list sharing, and the threat/promise of “AI features”.

What seems to set Superlist apart (to me) from simplistic stable mates is that your to-dos/tasks can be as brief or as detailed as you want. You can deep dive with lengthy notes, add images, and link to other content, resembling a cross between Evernote and Remember The Milk.

That said, the feature is far from complete.

Superlist only publicly launched this month after a 12 month beta gestation. Its makers say the debut release “is just the beginning” (well, obviously) and that they have “plenty of exciting features in the pipeline”.

Although I hope it’s not more AI malarkey: I don’t need or want exuberantly auto-suggestions when it comes to compiling my next shopping list…

Use Superlist on Ubuntu

While Superlist is not open-source, its web app is built using Flutter, with custom components made by Superlist made available as open-source resources.

A desktop Linux app is not available, but Superlist is available for iOS, Android, and macOS, as well as on the web — so you can keep your tasks, to-dos and plans with you, whoever you go, whatever device you happen to be using, including Linux.

On Ubuntu the Superlist web app works great (ably enhanced by a decent set of keyboard shortcuts). For an app-like experience you can create a standalone shortcut for the web app in Google Chrome/ium or Epiphany/Web (providing a better experience than many Electron-based wrappers).

Anyway, I figured I’d mention Superlist so that those of you who do remember Wunderlist, and want something that has the same vibe, know about it.

If you experience wanderlust for the Wunderlist of yore Superlist is a must-see destination.

Head over to the Superlist website to learn more, sign up for and account, and try it out. You can upvote the request for a Linux app on their user-feedback forum.


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