Your First Look at GNOME 45’s Default Wallpaper

Wondering what the default GNOME 45 wallpaper will look like? Well, wonder no more, kid!

Fedora dev builds recently received an artwork package containing a number of new and updated GNOME backgrounds.

Among them, a “new” version of GNOME’s stock Adwaita wallpaper in both light and dark variants.

And this is what it looks like:

Adwaita wallpaper GNOME 45
Adwaita (lighty/day) in GNOME 45 Alpha 2

Triangles remain but as you can see the entire color palette of the background has shifted from vidid blues, pinks, and purples towards more earthy tones, including ochre, orange, and reds and browns (though side note: I am red/brown color blind).

I’m almost tempted to call it pumpkin spice!

For comparison/a mental refresher here’s what the Adwaita (day/light) background looks like in GNOME 44:

Adwaita wallpaper GNOME 44
Adwaita (day) as it looks in GNOME 44

It’s a bit of a contrast, isn’t it?

For those of you regularly rocking dark mode preference here’s wha the latest Adwaita night/dark version in GNOME 45 looks like:

Adwaita (dark/night) in GNOME 44 Alpha 2

It’s kinda spooky tbh…

Other GNOME backgrounds updates GNOME 45 include a new design called “Morphogenesis” (which isn’t included in the Fedora package). Plus, revised versions of “Pipes”, “Pixels” and “Truchet” — the latter looking especially great to my eyes:

New version of Truchet in GNOME 45

You can see all of the backgrounds (and download them for use on your current desktop/OS/device from the GNOME Gitlab.

Caveats Et Emplorium

Art often divides opinion, and GNOME’s array of wallpapers are not immune to critique — so here are a few things to keep in mind if you find yourself revving up for a super hard dunk on them down in the comments/social media:

First up, GNOME 45 is under active development. As such, none of the images you see in this post (or in the linked Gitlab) should be considered “final”. Designs can (and often do) change as development continues, feedback filters in, and so on.

Secondly, most GNOME-based Linux distributions (including Fedora) set their own default wallpaper but include GNOME backgrounds as options for users to pick from. But some distros, like Ubuntu, don’t include the GNOME backgrounds at all. Plus, default ≠ unchangeable.

Still, if you plan on testing the upcoming GNOME 45 beta (or getting in early with the Alpha 2 release on distros already packaging it) do keep an eye out for these redesigned desktop drapes.

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