firefox 110 in ubuntu 22.04 lts

I’ll keep this short and sweet: a new version of Mozilla Firefox is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux (heard of that?).

Firefox already supports importing bookmarks, history, and passwords from Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Chromium, and Safari but once you have the Firefox 110 update you can also import data from Opera, Opera GX, and Vivaldi too – which is handy.

Other changes in Firefox 110 include the ability to clear date, time, and datetime-local input fields using using ctrl + backspace and ctrl + delete on Linux (and Windows) — no, can’t say I ever noticed I couldn’t do that, either 😅.

Additionally, Mozilla say GPU-accelerated Canvas2D is now enabled by default on Linux, and we can all expect to benefit from a miscellaneous clutch of WebGL performance improvements.

If you use the Firefox search provider in GNOME Shell you’ll be interested to know that, with this release, search queries no longer open in a new Firefox window but in a new tab of an existing instance.

Finally, those “Firefox Colorways” the browser has been bugging us to use for what feels like eternity? They’ve been retired from promotion in this release. You can still use them by visiting the ‘colorways collection’ on the Firefox add-ons website.

Firefox is free, open source software. You can (as always) download the latest release for your OS of choice from the official website. If you use Ubuntu you’ll get the Firefox 110 update alongside your other software updates or in the background, automatically via Snap.


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