Flathub Website Gets a Brand New Look

Next time you swing by Flathub, the de-facto app store for Linux, you’ll be sure to notice things are look a lot fresher.

Announcing the design drop on their Mastodon, Flathub maintainer Bartłomiej Piotrowski encourages users to check out “shiny new things, such as developer verification and download graphs.”

Adding: “There’s more under the hood, including the long awaited subsets to enable only verified or FLOSS apps.”

Flathub Website Gets a Brand New Look
Flathub’s new look is lovely

I never consider the previous design bad — in fact, I really rather liked it — but the new look definitely does a much better job at showcasing both the variety of software available via the store, and the diversity in the developers uploading/maintaining it.

As well as (still) being able to browse by categories (e.g., Music & Video, Graphics & Photography, etc) you can choose to see verified apps only. Though mentioned, I can’t locate a filter to see FOSS software only – a link in the footer à la Verified Apps would help.

Flathub Website Gets a Brand New Look
Verified apps offer reassurance

The inclusion of download statistic in app listings is nice. While I don’t choose to download software based on how whether other people use it, seeing other people do is nice for 2 reasons: 1) it means the app is likely good, and 2) more people are using Flatpaks.

Flathub Website Gets a Brand New Look
Download stats track installations

Some other features include a sticky header bar — we’re not averse to those on this site lol — and, a particularly nice touch, you can press / to instantly focus the search box regardless of where you are on the page.

Dark mode support also looks flat-bulous.

Flathub Website Gets a Brand New Look
New Flathub in dark mode

In all, a fantastic redesign of Flathub (with the new Flathub branding the cherry on top). First impressions are important and anyone new to the world of Flatpak or Flathub on Linux is sure to be impressed by the lean, focused user experience offered.

See the redesign with your own eyes by yeeting yourself over to flathub.org.

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