Manjaro 22.1 ‘Talos’ is Now Available to Download

A new version of Manjaro, a popular Arch-based Linux distro, is available to download.

Manjaro 22.1 “Talos” builds on last December’s Manjaro 22.0 release with a raft of updates to its GNOME, KDE Plasma, and Xfce editions.

The Manjaro 22.1 GNOME edition provides the latest GNOME 43 point release. While no new features come in with this uplift (GNOME 43 was included in Manjaro 22.0) there are lots of bug fixes, stability tweaks, and feature buffs to enhance the overall experience.

You’ll also notice the return of green in Manjaro GNOME’s default look, which is a nice touch.

Overall, I do find Manjaro’s GNOME experience really pleasant. It’s not a “vanilla GNOME” experience by any stretch — dock on desktop, system tray icons enabled, and many core GNOME apps replaced with alternatives — but it still feels distinctly GNOME-y.

Manjaro 22.1 GNOME edition

The Manajro 22.1 Plasma edition offers a more substantial desktop update with the inclusion of KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS and KDE Gear 22.12. KDE Plasma 5.17 is the final release in the Plasma 5.x series with KDE Plasma 6.0 planned as the next major release.

Among the new features in KDE Plasma 5.17 is a nifty new window tiling feature, a new welcome app, and support for changing Flatpak app permissions from the native System Settings tool (which also features a flurry of smaller refinements across its many pages).

Manjaro 22.1 Xfce edition uses Xfce 4.18. This offers file highlighting in the Thunar file manager and support for recursive search, plus a smattering of new settings.

Manjaro 22.1 continues to offer Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS, with access to the Linux 5.15 LTS and Linux 5.10 LTS kernels for those who need them.

You can learn more about this release by reading the announcement posted on official Manjaro forum.

Download Manjaro 22.1

Keen to try it out?

Head to the official website to download Manjaro 22.1 for 64-bit or ARM computers.

As Manjaro Linux is a rolling release distro you can install it once, and then update to stay up-to-date forever (in theory). So if you use Manjaro 22.0 you only need to run sudo pacman -Syu to download the latest updates and “upgrade” to the various package versions offered here.

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