In a Rush? Try this Speed Reading App for Linux

Want to read web articles or study materials quicker?

If you do, you might want to try a speed reading app. Plenty of them are available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android — and there are (thankfully) a few speed reading apps for Linux too.

I recently checked out Spedread, a delightfully simple speed reading app for Linux built in GTK4/libadwaita (with the option to use a non-libadwaita GUI if you’d rather). It fully supports dark mode, too.

Now, speed reading apps (on any platform) generally have the same aim: to make you read faster than you would normally.

To do this they take a body of text and flash up one word at a time at a (often rather fast sounding) rate. Weirdly, reading in this way helps you retain more of what you read, and develop a greater understanding of it.

Spedread in action

Features wise Spedread offers a simple “text” input window with handy “paste” button, and a “read” tab with player controls. You can pause text at any point and page back/forward to resume from a specific point in the text.

Spedread Settings

Adjusting the speed text is shown at can be done from the overflow menu. The higher the value the longer you have to reach each word that is shown, and the lower the value the faster the words appear.

You have also have option to choose which font is used, and how large the text is.

Using a speed reading app on the desktop offers some conveniences mobile devices lack (such as being able to quickly copy/paste from your web browser, and access a wider range of fonts) but they aren’t for everyone.

The only way to know if it’s something that suits you is to try it out!

• Get Spedread on Flathub

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