MX Linux 21.3 ‘Wildflower’ Released with Xfce 4.18

A new version of the MX Linux, a Debian-based Linux distro, is available to download.

MX Linux 21.3 “Wildflower” is the third refresh in MX 21 series. Like the last one, this uplift consists primarily of bug fixes, application updates, plus access to a new(er) Linux kernel (though an older, stable Linux kernel is provided by default).

But there are a few notable changes offered, too.

MX Linux 21.3’s flagship edition is built around Xfce and thanks the Debian 11.6 Bullseye base Xfce 4.18 is included. Xfce 4.18 features include new Thunar file manager features, like file highlighting and recursive search, and new preferences in the xfce4-panel.

a screenshot of the MX Linux 21.3 desktop with the feature app open
MX Linux 21.3 with Xfce

MX Linux 21.3 is also available with Fluxbox. That spin now includes a new mx-rofi-manager tool. that, MX devs say, will make it easier to save and manage Rofi configurations. Rofi, for those unfamiliar with it, is an interactive app launcher/window-switcher/command-palette.

Both Xfce and Fluxbox editions also pick up a new tool to make installing .deb files a little easier. The new deb-installer package doesn’t really have much of a GUI to show off, but it does the job perfectly, and replaces gdebi.

In short, a welcome batch of updates that fans of the self-described “midweight” Linux distro are sure to enjoy. Whichever DE option you pick you get a reliable, rock-solid desktop that works as well on powerful rigs as it does on more modest hardware.

If you already run MX Linux 21 you don’t need to reinstall as this update (all of it) is available through the regular update channels (e.g., MX Updater). Otherwise, head over to the MX Linux website to download an .ISO for 64-bit or (notably) 32-bit systems.x

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