Raspberry Pi 5 and retro gaming with Spanish reviewer Marc

We have lots of excellent friends on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram sharing their Raspberry Pi builds, unboxing their latest haul from one of our Approved Resellers, and spreading the Pi joy with their own online communities. We love you all, but it is especially nice to see content in languages other than English.

marc corredera behind a pi 5 a mechanical keyboard and a fancy looking speaker
Marc hiding behind his three favourite new tech releases

We first met Marc Corredera back in November when he turned the then newly released Raspberry Pi 5 into a retro gaming console. After we told him how much we liked his stuff, he countered: “Hay mucho más de donde vino eso” (which I hope means “There’s plenty more where that came from” in Spanish).

Behold, the Spanish-language Raspberry Pi content you’ve been waiting for…

Make a retro gaming system with Pi 5

Marc loaded RecalBox, which is a gaming software platform similar to RetroPie, onto a Pi 5. He got Sinclair, Amiga 600, Atari, Dreamcast, and Game Boy emulation up and running, to name a few. Check out Marc’s accompanying blog for this video.

A Game Boy for Christmas

Are you dreaming of a retro Christmas? In this video, Marc shows all of you Spanish speakers how to build your own next-generation Game Boy for around €100. The Game Boy is really just an elaborate case for Raspberry Pi Zero. According to Marc’s blog post, it looks like it’s a simple plug-in-and-play. What’s not to like?

This Raspberry Pi 4 is a Super Nintendo

For his next trick, Marc turned a Raspberry Pi 4 into a Super Nintendo thanks to another custom Pi case and retro games from RecalBox. You can read more about it here if you’re a monoglot like me and need something other than the video.

Top three tech

8bitdo mechanical keyboard in Nintendo Gaming System colours

We are also a big fan of Marc’s Top 3 Technology list, not only because we feature and we like to win, but also because another cool thing features that we simply must own. This retro mechanical keyboard from 8BitDo ($99) looks a lot like a NES and that is a lot of the reason we like it.

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